Incubation Services

From Concept to Go-live

Product ideas come to life with our Incubation Services.

We can help take your concept on a napkin to a production instance live on the cloud. As a product company ourselves, we are comfortable with software engineering under less that ideal conditions, tight time scales and need to improvise constantly.

Our success stories

Did you know that foreign exchange rates not only fluctuate from day to day, but can also vary significantly from one FOREX provider to another? The disparity can cost up to 200% of your travel money!. CurrenSeek was created to help you locate the best rates around you and make informed decisions. Never get that sinking feeling when you find a better rate just down the road. Don’t let your journey start on a sour note.

Hoopur is an employee engagement platform that helps you create a highly engaged workplace. Hoopur unleashes the power of connections so that your employees feel engaged with the organization rather than be forced to do so. Hoopur helps you engage the employees round the year, anytime and anywhere. Hoopur creates the unending circle of connections where employees own and drive engagement.

Amplifi is a platform that helps artists and fans connect with each other. Fans subscribe to their favourite artists, gain curated music and a means to engage with their creative process. Artists get to engage with their best fans, an income stream to support their careers. Built on a combination of Python + Flask, the user-facing and the CMS portions of the site were custom-built to enable a scalable and rich multi-media and a multi-device experience for both artists and fans.

ReWire, created for Seated Monkey, is an iOS app that brings a modern approach to practice of contemplation techniques. With an innovative attention tracking and measuring interface it helps meditation practitioners increase concentration and mindfulness even while on the go. Build for iOS with custom server functionality, ReWire is a new approach to helping people build balance in their lives.