Semantic Map of Your Content


No Document is an Island. Every person, organization and concept is linked to other documents implicitly. We can think of this network of connections between entities as a virtual map, a semantic map that reveals the “ideascape” of your content. Just as a traveller to a new city uses maps to choose places for exploration, a semantic map can help visually explore our content.

We have created three sample Disquery sessions to give you a taste of what is possible. We will see what sort of connections exist within each Disquery. Our topics are Plato & Machine Learning, Alice & Achilles and Western & Eastern Epics. Note no documents were massaged or transformed in any way. We just uploaded random PDFs downloaded from the web and bookmarked some web content.

For each Disquery below you can i) Go into full-screen mode to zoom in and out of specific regions ii) Filter options on right to toggle display of entities by type iii) Play back Disquery to see how it was created iv) Read notes, if any, attached by the author. I have added some notes to the first Disquery below v) Trace Path between any two entities and vi) Search for entity by just typing first few letters.

Plato and Machine Learning

Alice and Achilles

Western and Eastern Epics

Because a Disquery can reveal a lot of data, we deliberately remove some features if it is shared outside the context of CollabLayer. To users within CollabLayer, a Disquery will provide more functionality. For example, clicking on a edge connecting two entities will reveal where in the document the entity occurs. To see context of a common entity’s occurrence across many documents just click on all connected edges.

CollabLayer‘s Disquery makes it super easy to discover insights from your unstructured content and share it with your team or even the world. We are excited to be make this as easy as dropping a few documents onto a canvas.

What do you think? Would love to hear your views/feedback/suggestions/critiques. Do write to us at connect at tataatsu dot com or at tataatsu dot com.

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