Big Data

Real-time Order Search


At Tataatsu we provide consulting services for toughest challenges of our customers. Be it technical or designing interactions for users we focus on outcomes that enable customer attain business goals.

Problem: A global PC manufacturer wanted to consolidate their many regional order search systems to provide a real-time search experience to internal and external users over a consolidated system, while replacing a legacy system.

Proposal: Dependency on a proprietary database stack reduced their functional and architectural flexibility to look beyond simple search needs. Our proposal was not only to solve the real-time search problem, but to provide a Data Insight platform that could enable ad-hoc analytics at scale.

Solution: Utilising a variation of the Lambda architecture, our solution brought together technologies including Apache Hadoop/HDFS, ElasticSearch and Apache Spark. With the building blocks of a scalable, fault-tolerant storage and compute infrastructure in place, most SLAs were comfortably met and exceeded, in addition to a future-proof Order Analytics Data Lake to meet any unforeseen analytic needs.