Extensible NLP analytics engine to power your business intelligence applications. Highly scalable, content source agnostic provides near real-time analytics.

Disquery is adaptable to domain specific text processing needs. Ingesting data from various data stores, extending processing pipeline with custom classifiers or feature extractors, notifying events of significance to downstream workflows or decision making systems, all aspects have been designed for real-world integration and deployment needs.

Disquery Advantage


Every NLP project is unique. There is no silver bullet applicable to every scenario. Utilize our consulting services to evaluate your NLP project on three key factors of feasibility, cost and business value. Upfront analysis on these lines will help assess if intended business goals will be served.

Our consultants have experience in analyzing numerous NLP problems and building solutions around various NLP engines. Try us out, perhaps we would be able to save your time and money on an ineffective approach to for your NLP needs.