First press mention for CollabLayer

Here is how Drew Turney, on the Sydney Morning Herald, sees CollabLayer’s topic monitoring and semantic map capabilities.

The field is opened even wider by search technology that finds abstract connections for you, rather than you starting a search at a given point. A system out of Bangalore, India called CollabLayer lets you watch for specific keywords you assign to almost any kind of data in a network.

But you can also submit a collection of documents to CollabLayer when you don’t really have a search term in mind. The system extracts links between what it thinks are key entities and graphs them in a “semantic map”. Such a method can give search a heuristic or “proactive” approach that doesn’t really need the input of a user.

This quote was in an article about contextual search systems. Drew does a terrific job providing an overview of the area and possibilities ahead. Very nice to see we are skating to where the puck is going to be.

I shall follow up with another post on how this connection with Drew happened. As you might have guessed, CollabLayer and its topic monitoring capabilities were involved. Always nice when your product works as advertised 😉

You can sign up for the free beta of CollabLayer. See for yourself how we facilitate serendipity.

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