Smart collaboration platform. Amplify knowledge based workflows using Natural Language Processing. For high-impact teams. 


SaaS based solution to present news in a semantically enriched and contextually relevant manner. Use implicit semantic linkages between disparate unstructured data sets to reveal valuable insights to you.

Key Features

News Deep Dive, for viewing patterns that evolve around term of interest in real-time. View topic and sentiment based clusters. Co-mingle proprietary and/or heterogeneous data sets for broader pattern discovery.

Outlier Detection to quickly view spectrum of +ve/-ve opinions around a specific story. Identify views that swing against common trend.

Risk Meter, view potential risks around an entity of interest. Use custom event classifiers to track negative occurrences around individuals, corporations and regions to hedge your risks.

Algorithmic Story Tracker to monitor key evolving business story over time. Enables thematic pursuit of custom events without editorial metadata attached.